Distrito Oficina dedicates a substantial article to the Cloudworks Drassanes project by Elastiko Architects in its latest issue

In its latest issue, Distrito Officina has devoted an extensive article to our Cloudworks Cibeles project in Madrid.

“The client wanted a very flexible, innovative and agile work environment that would replace the traditional static office, but one with warm finishes that was linked to the sea. To achieve this, Elastiko worked along several lines: Blue was introduced in the ceilings and kitchen, enhancing the building’s relationship with the sea. In the same way, natural oak wood was introduced in the cores to bring warmth to the space, achieving a more welcoming environment for customers. Finally, a continuous ledge was designed along the façade of the building, allowing coworkers and visitors to take advantage of the 360º views over the city of Barcelona and the sea.… ”

Distrito Oficina is the Spanish language magazine dedicated to workplace culture and the most significant workplace trends on the international scene. It offers a complete rundown of the most notable projects at international level.