Fomentar la creatividad en el espacio de trabajo es fundamental para conseguir buenos resultados.  Los diseños de nuestras oficinas lo hacen posible.

Blog. Encourage creativity in your workspace

Creative types know all too well that inspiration does not come to us by divine intervention. Creativity must be constantly worked on and it is essential to promote it in the workspace. What’s more, people need other people to interact, exchange ideas and mix them until we find the perfect idea. Therefore, the workspace can be a catalyst for developing creative thinking.

For this reason, we want to show you – from our perspective – the key elements for office design that help us to strengthen and motivate our minds and creativity. 

  • Create an inspiring environment

Compared to traditional proposals, our projects investigate the idea of ​​the workplace as a set of possibilities from which to choose the best place to work throughout the day. The user is given the possibility of using informal settings, meeting in places with a greater or lesser level of privacy or working indoors and outdoors. 

There is something that is essential, not only for creative work but also to get ourselves into the mood and feel comfortable in the workspace, and that is to guarantee natural light and, if possible, good views from the office. We also like to add natural elements like plants to stimulate workers’ minds. Another very important thing is to design spaces that are comfortable and facilitate interaction between people in an informal way, generating synergies. It is vital to be comfortable in our workspace, feel at home and find escape routes to take a break.

  • Flex your space

We must to steer clear of the boring, serious offices of yesterday. We must seek to design modern offices in which spaces with fixed and mobile elements can be created, where configurable and flexible solutions are guaranteed to achieve greater use of space. Think: rooms with various uses that are configured by sliding a large panel or furniture that is transformed according to the need of each moment.

  • We want collaborative spaces

When it comes to office interior design for creative work, it is crucial to position individual workspaces around shared spaces to boost visibility.

We also have to bear in mind how we work at a creative level, and therefore strengthen areas focused on brainstorming and the exchange of ideas. These spaces, of course, must have extensive digital content to facilitate interaction with other teams in a virtual way. Think: items such as whiteboards, magnetic surfaces to show presentations, projectors, etc. They can’t be left out!

  • Our offices must reflect the culture and values of the brand

The spaces must be designed in a unique and personal way, enhancing the brand and values of the company so that the workers really feel part of the company and “within it” – just like Google does in its offices full of innovate architecture, brand colours and formulas to promote creativity. This allows us to foster pride in belonging, and makes us feel that we are all going for it together and that we are a team. This has been shown to have a great influence on the ability of companies to retain talent.

  • The space is also a tool

It is important that the spaces are distributed correctly: that the routes are well thought out, facilitating movement, but also enabling the meeting between users. We must ensure that the space is technologically connected and foresee future modifications since the needs of companies and technological progress are increasingly changing.

  • We all deserve a break

For this, we must create a social space, the heart of our workspace. The social space should be the meeting point for all workers, whether it’s to eat, have large team meetings, events, take a simple break or enjoy an after-work drink. To do this, it is important to distribute the zones smartly and put, for example, the casual collaboration zones near the work areas so that it is more comfortable to take a ‘break’ and exchange ideas. It’s ideal to provide spaces dedicated exclusively to relaxation and informal communication: chill out area, sofas … Never forget that we must take visitors into account and therefore create welcoming spaces with easy access to food, drink and entertainment so they feel at home.

So here are our tips for creative office interior design. Can you think of any more? Tell us, we want to hear your thoughts!