Blog. Benefits of working in a Coworking space

At Elastiko, we are real fans of Coworking spaces, as we believe that they’re a super interesting alternative for companies in development, creative firms, or folks who like to work in dynamic and social environments. Working in a Coworking provides many benefits:

1 – Encourage creativity: Thanks to the fact that you conhave constant interaction with other coworkers, it is easier for your creativity to rocket and to generate fresh and innovative ideas. You work in a space full of diverse thoughts, knowledge and opinions… make the most of it!

2- It’s a source of motivation: Go to work every day in your workspace, full of modern offices and spaces designed specifically for you to be able to concentrate, find inspiration and even rest your mind. What’s more, by sharing workspaces, you can boost your motivation by seeing others work at their best.

3- Coworking equals flexibility: Coworking spaces usually offer 24-hour access to the facilities and that means you can organize your schedule and the way you work, however works best for you. You can also take more or less space for your company according to your evolving needs.

4- You’ll make contacts: professional and personal! And each one will provide you with knowledge and, who knows, maybe even help with your projects and your ideas… Networking and community are an advantage that you can’t miss out on in a coworking space.

5- You can up your game: Many coworking spaces provide you  with access to workshops and courses held in the same space or others of the same “brand”. Around 90% of coworking spaces hold an event a month, in which you can make contacts, share your ideas, improve as a professional and discover new things … Make yourself known!

6- You save money: If one thing is true, it is that working in a coworking space helps us to reduce costs especially when we start a business. What’s more, you’ll have much more free access and you can rent a spot for as long as you need, so, if you only need to work two weeks, you won’t have to pay for the entire month.

7- Comfort and adaptation: There are more and more coworking spaces that better adapt to your interests, and to current needs. Find a coworking space that adapts to the sector you work in and best suits your needs…

8-  Encourage cooperation: We’re not just talking about coworkers who are on the same premises, there is greater cooperation between coworkers in different spaces. Agreements and projects are made from coworking spaces. Working in a coworking space means belonging to a community, in which we all contribute. 

9- Professionalism: Coworking spaces allow you to work at full capacity, as they’re perfectly equipped with the latest technologies, including secretarial services, printer, teleconferences, high-speed Wi-Fi, IT support on demand… Everything you need under one roof!

Now do you understand why we like them so much? Take a look at our projects for Cloudworks with whom we have worked on different workspace designs, while continuously focusing on sustainable and responsible architecture.